Through tactical and strategic plans, we have built the planning from the briefing, through the tagging and setup operations, following daily analysis, optimization and delivery of management reports. We also work with media buying and negotiation focused on lead generation and revenue, media awareness and engagement.

Creative content

In the digital age it is not enough to be creative, it is necessary to be functional indeed. Therefore, in addition to creating banners, newsletters, email marketing and campaigns, we are also responsible for implementing SEO strategies in content for sites, hotsites and landing pages.


We understand that SEO and SEM do not have separate strategies and do not walk separately. In this sense, all the planning and operationalization of SEM is done in house and follows in line with the definitions, strategies and good practices of SEO. We use both tools to increase our conversion and revenue ratio.


We have professionals specialized in usability for e-commerce, able to conduct in a fluid way the navigation of the user, increasing the chances of completing the purchases. Through track eye, heatmap, a / b testing and usability testing tools, we are able to gradually increase the conversion rate by improving the navigability and structure of the site.


Based on the volume of e-commerce informations, we base our strategies on BI indicators to consolidate analytical and assertive decisions.


Focusing on performance, we orchestrate the users journey and analyze personas with Ad Hoc relationship rules. With Data-Driven in our DNA, we have joined forces with TI expertise in marketing automation and design.

Trade Marketing

We carry out the planning of strategies with the distribution channels in order to allow the integration between e-commerce and physical store.

Live Marketing

We implement positive experiences of online engagement through offline actions, integrating customers with companies.

Our services

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